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A sandblasting pot contains the abrasive for sandblasting and Cycles: DIY Sandblast Pressure Pot middot Sandblasters amp Sandblasting: DIY Sandblaster Plans I just needed to convert the pressure pot to run with a footswitch. I called the Mostly planning on using it to sand down glass bottle lips and light engraving

3 May 2013 in this video show you how i converted an old 15 lb propane tank a lil bit of piping some elbows,valvs,Tee39s,barb39s,a couple wheels,a lil metal

3 May 2011 Download plans: http:www.sandblasterinfo.comsandblaster-manualplans This video shows a diagram of a pressure pot and my homemade The pressure pot sandblaster can be made out of old grill size propane tanks. Its also variable so you can control the amount of abrasive blasting from your 8 Sep 2010 A video showing the anatomy of a pressure pot sandblaster plan that you can make from scrap metal and old propane tanks. Ask questions

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I wanted a project and I had the tank laying around, but I did not realize what a dangerous idea it was. This keeps the sand moving with required pressure. e This is one of the most useful projects i have built Make Your Own Pressure Pot Sandblaster Plans. Eric Robert. I wasn39t sure if anyone here would be interested in making their own pressure pot, but decided to

A sand blaster is merely a tank that will safely withstand the pressure of the air supply. It has provisions for pouring sand into the top and allowing it to trickle out pressure. Pressure Switch turns compressor on when tank pressure drops to Water. Trap. ON. OFF. Valve Positions. MIX. Abrasive. Fill Port. Pressure. Pot