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Jan 23, 2006 In the electrocardiogram at a heart rate of 80 per minute: a) the PR interval should be less than 0.2 s and greater than 0.12 s b) the QRS

MCQs on cardiovascular pharmacology: inotropics and vasodilators. For USMLE step 1 review. More MCQs on other pharmacological topics b) The cardiac action potential is conducted through the atria via Purkinje fibers. c ) The Purkinje fibers are specialized cardiac myocytes linked by gap junctions A newborn infant presents with cyanotic heart disease and fails to thrive. On examination of the heart, it was revealed that the aorta arose from the right ventricle

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Which type of blood vessels carries blood away from the heart Veins Why is blood that flows from the lungs to the heart bright red rather than dark red here are mcqs from c.v.s Cardiovascular SECTION A: Read each question carefully and record the answer TRUE or FALSE: The pain