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Current and accurate information for patients about lung cancer therapy. Learn about treatment options, how the treatment is performed, what happens during Because the lungs are large, tumors can grow in them for a long time before they are Non-small cell lung cancer accounts for about 85 percent of lung cancers. team as a way of creating a partnership about your cancer and your treatment

Mar 28, 2014 Lung cancer treatment depends on the type of lung cancer and whether it has spread. The treatment may include surgery, radiotherapy,

Nov 10, 2014 Treatment for lung cancer depends on how big the cancer is and If you have cancer that has spread to your lungs from somewhere else, this Information about treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy A lung cancer diagnosis is life-changing. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), we39re here to help you and your loved ones make a more informed

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Start with the links to basic information on lung cancer treatment and care. Then move on to the more detailed information. Take your time -- there39s a lot to learn A clinical trial is a research study to test a new approach to treatment to evaluate The goal of surgery is the complete removal of the lung tumor and the nearby

Get the facts on lung cancer symptoms, stages, treatment, types, survival, statistics, and more MD Anderson offers the most advanced lung cancer treatments in the United States. Get the latest lung cancer treatment options at MD Anderson Cancer Center