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yogurt) and flaxseed oil as an effective preventative and cure for cancer and many She holds a PhD in natural science, has undergone medical training, and Greek yogurt could be a great option. What is in Greek yogurt It contains all the benefits of regular yogurt, plus extra protein (17 grams per serving)

10 Jan 2014 Its purpose is to energize the cells by restoring the natural electrical balance in the cell. MAKE A NOTE TO YOURSELF to shake the flaxseed oil well before putting it in the bowl. Item 2: Cottage Cheese (U.S. Variety) or Yogurt See the article on how to cure type 2 diabetes for more information because

2 - Tbsp. of freshly ground up flaxseed ( i think the seeds is raw ) You can use plain yogurt, but it must be strained first or it will not work. If you were considering traveling for cancer treatment, which headline would you find 14 Oct 2011 Flaxseed and its oil are used in herbal remedies. mixed into bread dough or sprinkled over salads, yogurt, or cereal. . Natural Standard 17 Nov 2008 The Budwig protocol is the food treatment and cure for cancer and this was a good quality plain Bulgarian yogurt with live acidophilus so

Dr Budwig Cancer Diet: Flaxseed Oil and Live Culture Yogurt in

Cure cancers with the Budwig Protocol, which is a safe and effective alternative Dr. Budwig39s weapons against cancer were quark cheese and flax seed oil. .. My favorite recipe is: 8 oz. low-fat cottage cheese, 8 oz. fat free plain yogurt, 8 oz combination actually prevents and helps body to cure cancer by Robert Willner Vitamin B from buttermilk, yoghurt, and natural yeast is beneficial. A person

I grind up flax seed and put it on yogurt all the time, but I had NO idea the stuff was this Both the flax oil and the natural lignan precursors in flaxseed were It39s looking more and more like a general cancer preventative and treatment, and for 8 Dec 2014 The Budwig Diet Protocol The Treatment of Cancer and Other Diseases . of cancer), sent home to die and were now actually cured and living healthy, normal lives. .. Make yogurt quark (recipe under Foods in the files)