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12 Dec 2014 Malignant (cancerous) brain tumors such as gliomas . Bluetooth earpieces have an SAR value of around 0.001 wattskg (less than one 14 Jun 2014 Is Bluetooth causing any damage to our health high exposure to RF radiations can cause brain tumor and problems like headache, fatigue

30 Nov 2014 Studies are divided on whether Bluetooth headsets cause cancer. Though there39s no conclusive evidence, it seems that Bluetooth

24 Aug 2010 Its the rate of change of the EMFs, the pulsing, that causes most of the biological damage. .. did you know you can get cancer from bluetooth Now my parent has told me that I should stop using them because they cause brain cancer and doesn39t like the idea of them being near my 30 Aug 2014 Bluetooth headsets are now used with cellphones, keyboards, printers, can cause irreparable DNA damage and increase one39s cancer risk

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18 Mar 2014 Do Bluetooth Earpieces Cause Cancer. lta hrefchannel UCZ5JpVTgT07diOBGqaKvkA class yt-uix. Lakmal Priyantha 30 Sep 2011 Please tell me, can Bluetooth cause cancer, asked, Janet Springfield, a TechWelkin reader through email. To answer this, I did a bit of

18 Jun 2010 As scientists warn that regular mobile use CAN cause cancer just how safe . He explains that Bluetooth headsets, which work wirelessly, emit You will not find so much of information about using the Bluetooth as many as can be found for using cell phones. We always overlook whether using Bluetooth