How fast does bladder cancer travel

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. Hematuria does not by itself indicate or confirm the presence of bladder cancer. grade indicates the tumor39s aggression levelhow fast it is likely to grow and spread 26 Jun 2014 growing, normal cells divide faster. through the other layers of the bladder, and then can spread outside the cancers often grow quickly

Bladder Cancer Bladder TumorsBladder cancer is an abnormal growth or tumor The cells grow abnormally fast causing a tumor to sprout up from the flat the wall of the bladder are more dangerous because cells can break off and spread

Your cancer will be assessed and treated according to how far it has spread into these Grade is a measure of how fast the cancer is growing or spreading. - This is called grading the tumor. A high-grade tumor is fast growing and more likely to spread. Bladder cancer can spread into nearby areas, including the: 17 Oct 2014 Most Americans with bladder cancer have a type called transitional cell Learning about medical care for your cancer can help you take an

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Generally, after the diagnosis of a bladder tumor, the urologist will suggest that the . If the pathology results indicate that the cancer has spread to the lymph who is experienced in treating bladder cancer, someone you can trust and who will answer your questions. Go for a second and even a third opinion, if you are .. Knowing the grade can help your doctor predict how fast the cancer will grow

Not all bladder cancers will spread or come back. Where does bladder cancer spread The cancer The majority of bladder cancers do not invade the bladder muscle and so can be from 1 (less aggressive, slowly growing) to 3 (aggressive, faster growing). If the bladder cancer has spread to lymph nodes then this is staged as N1, N2 or