Pregnant and cancer

The Pregnant with Cancer Network is on Facebook. To connect with Hope for TwoThe Pregnant with Cancer Network, sign up for Facebook today. Sign Up Log If you have cancer and are pregnant or could become pregnant learn what you need to Finding out you have cancer is upsetting at any time in your life

1 Dec 2014 Getting breast cancer while you39re pregnant is rare, but if it happens, there are certain things to consider while planning your treatment

A blog about cancer, chemotherapy, pregnancy and survival A support group for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Includes newsletters, mission statement and glossary 7 Apr 2011 When she found the lump in her breast, Jessica Denton had known she was pregnant with her first child for just a few days. Her primary care

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31 Jul 2013 Victoria Webster from Birmingham and Jo Powell from Nottingham had cancer while pregnant - and were advised to abort their babies if they Breast cancer is the most common cancer in pregnant women and tends to affect women in their mid-30s. Although pregnancy doesn39t cause breast cancer, the

Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy - How cervical cancer can affect Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup Most importantly, a pregnant woman with cancer is capable of giving birth to a healthy baby because cancer rarely affects the fetus directly. Although some