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Indiana. This state has multiple plans. Click a plan to view detailed information. CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan - Direct-sold and Advisor-sold The best way to save for college is with a 529 plan. You39ll save money on taxes as your money grows. Open an account or live chat today for more details

Are investments in the CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Savings Plan guaranteed What is Ugift Give College Savings What is Upromise rewards and how can it

A 529 college savings plan may be the best option to pay for higher Indiana taxpayers who contribute to the Indiana 529 plan may be eligible for a state Aug 22, 2014 In-state or Out-of-state 529 College Savings Plans Indiana is the most generous with a 20 percent tax credit on contributions up to 5,000 Apr 23, 2009 Plans. Our annual review of the 529 college-savings industry. .. Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan. Upromise Investments

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The CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan is here to help you get ready for the college years with: Opportunities to enhance your college savings with Ugift and Upromise Important Changes to the Indiana State Income Tax Credit Two of the three Indiana 529 college savings programs are managed by Ascensus College Savings. The CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan offers an

With the addition of the CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan, there are now three way to reach and teach your kids about the basics of saving for college Tomorrow39s college education requires careful planning today. The CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Savings Plan is a way to make the goal of paying for college a