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Jan 15, 2009 15, 2009 -- Oprah Winfrey says menopause caught her off guard and that she39s taking bioidentical hormones that have made a big How much bioidentical estrogen to take, and when to take it. From here you want to track your symptoms and saliva hormone levels, until you find the optimal

Interest in bio-identical hormone therapy started to take off in 2002 when a large study called the Women39s Health Initiative (WHI) was halted after researchers

Nov 9, 2011 Promoters of compounded plant-derived hormones use the terms natural and bioidentical because it is appealing to consumers and implies Sellers of compounded bio-identical hormones often claim that their products But some pharmacies that compound BHRT drugs make unsupported claims Starting in 1980, side effects caused by synthetic progestin use prompted more research into bioidentical progesterone. In May 1998 the FDA approved

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There39s no evidence that bioidentical hormones are safer than those used in standard Are bioidentical or natural hormones safer and more effective than . Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and 1 Authority on Bioidentical Hormones John Lee M.D. describes three rules for hormone replacement Use a sprinkle of common sense and a dash of logic

Still others were opposed to taking drugs for symptoms because doing so implies that Bioidentical hormone therapy is often called natural hormone therapy The well-established body of literature demonstrating the harmful effects of non- bioidentical hormones might lead some women to fear taking bio-identical