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8 Sep 2009 Chemistry Review Data Sheet. NDA 22-430. LystedaTM (tranexamic acid) Tablets. Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Gene W. Holbert, Ph.D Material Name: Tranexamic Acid Solution for Injection. Trade Name: CYKLOKAPRON. Chemical Family: Mixture. Intended Use: Pharmaceutical product used

NEW ZEALAND DATA SHEET. TRANEXAMIC ACID TABLETS. Tranexamic acid. Tablets, film coated. 500 mg. Presentations. Tranexamic Acid Tablets are white

Material Safety Data Sheets middot Medical Information CYKLOKAPRON U.S. Medical Information Page - clinical amp safety information, ways to contact Pfizer 13 Nov 2014 Tranexamic Acid 500mg Tablets are indicated for short term use for However, data on efficacy, posology and safety for these indications are 20 Sep 2011 Product Information: Cyklokapron tablets (PfizerAu, approval 2001) with PI version pfpcyklt10308 PI Medsafe data sheet New Zealand 2008

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Due to the lack of published data on the use of tranexamic acid in paediatric as closely as possible with data entered as part of the routine datasheet to the Tranexamic Acid Tablet official prescribing information for healthcare safety and efficacy of Tranexamic Acid Tablets, and there are no clinical trial data on the

10 Apr 2011 Material Safety Data Sheet. Tranexamic Acid msds. Section 1: Identification of the SubstancePreparation and of the CompanyUndertaking DATA SHEET. CYKLOKAPRON. . Tranexamic acid. 500 mg tablets, 500 mg5 mL amp 1000 mg10 mL solution for injection. PRESENTATION. CYKLOKAPRON