Republican tax plans

24 Feb 2014 The long-awaited simplification of the tax code being drafted by House Republicans would slash the top income tax rate to 25 percent from 39.6 26 Feb 2014 House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp is expected to put forth a tax reform proposal Wednesday that will lower income tax rates for

6 Mar 2014 The Tax Reform Act of 2014 proposed by Dave Camp, a Michigan Republican, contains provisions to take away benefits from some taxpayers

18 Sep 2013 Unusually for Republican tax plans, Utah Sen. Mike Lee39s new plan cuts taxes for the middle class and finances that with a tax increase on the Comparison of the provisions and distributional effects of the tax plans proposed by the major Republican presidential candidates. Includes a detailed grid Our plan, the Tax Reform Act of 2014, addresses these problems by fixing some that have been advanced by Democratsand Republicans alike. Eliminating

House GOP tax plan would cut top rates but also hit high earners

1 Apr 2014 And it effectively turns its back on the tax reform plan drafted by Dave Camp, the GOP chairman of the House Ways amp Means Committee 4 Nov 2014 Most Republicans know that they can39t repeal Obamacare anymore. Mitch McConnell has said as much and even Ted Cruz seems to get it,

25 Nov 2014 However, it doesn39t really solve the Republican health care problem. The core of Gillespie39s plan is a proposal for tax credits to purchase 12 Oct 2014 And for Republicans, reality bites most when it comes to tax cuts. . As it turns out , Romney39s 20 percent tax-cut plan was basically the same