Diabetes and teens

As teens with diabetes grow up, parents must respond when their children make errors in judgment, behave impulsively or irresponsibly, or are dishonest about Teens. Teens and diabetes. Being a teenager is hard enough, but throw in being diagnosed with diabetes and you have a special challenge

Teenagers with diabetes carry extra burdens. That child who was always so good about type 1 diabetes management may suddenly rebel against the routine

Diabetes can affect these processes in different ways. With or without diabetes, all teenagers develop differently. Once teenagers can start to reason and think This tip sheet provides useful information about diabetes and encourages teens to take action to manage their disease for a long and healthy life. Last reviewed: Online Quiz for Teens with Diabetes - National Diabetes Education Program www.YourDiabetesInfo.org About 208,000 young people under 20 years of age

Parents, Teens, and Diabetes - Diabetes Spectrum

Ask our diabetes experts a question on the question forum. You never know, you might find out something that you really wanted to know but never dared to ask Being the parent of a teen with diabetes requires excellent communication skills, persistence and patience. Knowing when to step in and when to back away is

Joslin Discussion Board for Teens helps teens and young adults -- pediatric patients -- to better manage and cope with diabetes The diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common in U.S. kids and teens, especially in those who are overweight. Some studies report that