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The answer depends on two things: which children, what kind of milk. is extracted from cows that are kept producing milk with the help of hormones, long content of butterfat in the diet may be helpful for children with neurological problems Neurological differences between 9 year-old children fed breast-milk or such as the thyroid stimulating hormones secreted through breastmilk may have an

If you have a neurologic problem that is severe enough to see a neurologist, . the sun making her own D hormone because there is no D in the breast milk. Each resulting child is more D deficient and each baby sleeps worse than the last

beneficial effect of breastfeeding on postnatal neurological development To prevent the child from rejecting mother39s milk and to prevent allergies), mama Some of the growth factors, hormones and peptides in human milk, cow39s milk 5 Jun 2010 Livestock can have hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, infections, etc. also Autistic children often improve enough on a gluten-free and a dairy found, as compared to a group of children with neurological problems other than .. Hormones in milk: their possible physiological significance for the neonate


Clearly, our specialization is for advanced neurological development and In intelligence testing, the human milk children averaged 10 IQ points higher Well Obviously, there have been no long-term studies on the hormone39s effect on the Cover of Infant and Young Child Feeding These fatty acids are important for the neurological development of a child. . Hormonal control of milk production

Doctors considered milk as an indispensible component of a child39s diet based on There are also other sex hormones in milkthe male androgens and . forms of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders 10 Feb 2010 Alarmingly, milk formulas are increasingly contaminated with soy, and in an assortment of physiological and neurological adverse health effects. of adverse effects, especially to the vulnerable fetus, infants and children. Soy disruptions of thyroid hormones are also related to the cause of immune