Facetmobile plans

31 Dec 2012 THE INCREDIBLE FACETMOBILE 39.95. (9.50 shipping out the review Information on the real Facetmobile 1 sheet full size plans Even with the success of this design, no other aircraft were produced and no plans or kits were ever made available (with the exception of countless radio

The FMX-5 is the 2-place version we hope to build . For more details, see the Facetmobile Web Page. Q1: Are plans available A1: There are no plans for sale,

15 Apr 2006 Barnaby Wainfan39s full-size Facetmobile sits in pieces behind him. .. Q: Do you have plans for a Radio Control model aircraft A: There is an The Wainfan FMX-4 Facetmobile is an American homebuilt aircraft designed by Barnaby Wainfan, a Northrop Grumman aerodynamicist and homebuilt aircraft 9 Nov 2008 The Facetmobile is a Low Aspect Ratio Lifting Body Experimental . You can download free plans for a Facetmobile paper card model from


17 Dec 2012 This is my 14 scale radio controlled Facetmobile. Music is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Can you share plans designs Read moreShow less I got to meet the designer and builder of the Facetmobile, Barnaby Wainfan. As many of us have experienced, life happens while you make other plans

I39d rather have a two place Facetmobile than a 152. built from scaled up plans that appear on the Facetmobile web site - either the plans are Build Log Fan Fold Facetmobile Foamies (Scratchbuilt) I tried searching for other threads, to see if plans were around, but all I found was