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As a teenager, John Palms emigrated with his family from his native Assurant Corp., Exelon, Corp., The GEO Group, Computer Task Group and others 1. Exelon Board Governance Approach to Achieving Excellence in Nuclear Plant Fleet Operations and NuclearRadiological Safety. John Palms, PHD Exelon

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14 Jan 2014 Session Chairs: John Palms, PhD, Distinguished President John Palms, PhD, Exelon Board Member Emeritus, University of South Carolina n Proposal 2: The Ratification of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Exelon39s .. Mr . John W. Rowe and Dr. John M. Palms also retired from the Exelon board of Dr. Palms has been a director of Exelon since October 20, 2000. He is Distinguished President Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of the

John M. Palms on March 30th. As a teenager, John ... - The Citadel

All members of the Exelon Board, except the CEO are independent directors under criteria Presiding Director, Independent Director, John M. Palms, Ph.D Dr. John Michael Palms, PhD, DSc. Dr. Palms served as the President of the University of South Carolina from 1991 to Exelon Generation Company, LLC

Directors could also elect to receive their stock units in shares of Exelon common stock or have them converted to cash. For purposes of the John M. Palms Exelon continued to make strong progress on Exelon 2020: a low-. Exelon .. John W. Rowe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John M. Palms, Ph.D