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Plan your own mini-Olympics - CAFOD guide. Last updated 29 March 2013, created 29 June 2012. Views: 1,168 Downloads: 193. Make the most of your school One way to get kids interested in the Olympic Games is to host your own Olympic for younger children you should plan to give every child a medal for something

Plan a globalOlympics week plan your own exciting Olympic-themed week. Plan your very own mini-Olympics and make the most of your school sports day

Olympics activities and lesson plan ideas, Campaign lesson plans, Teacher Museum and Youth Olympic Games, an Olympics Study Center, mini-games, and Organise a mini-Olympics to celebrate the Olympics or for a sports party Kids will love competing against their friends in their very own Olympic Games The Share My Lesson team has highlighted some free lesson plans, the science behind different Olympic events to hosting your own mini-Olympics, we39 ve got

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Students will create a new multi-event sport for the Olympic Games. a Mascot Mini-Poster to describe an imaginary mascot for an Olympic Games of the future 30 Jun 2012 Let39s Have Funny Mini-Olympics.pdf (148 KB, Adobe Acrobat) Thanks this is a great resource to help plan for Early years theme of Olympics

23 Jul 2012 Get your little athletes active and excited for the London 2012 Olympic Games and plan a mini Olympics in your backyard Push the Ball. With toes behind the line, push the ball with two hands as far from your chest as you can. Measure the distance from the starting line to where