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Cold sores, also referred to as fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are contagious. They are often mistaken for canker sores a non Cold sores are lesions that appear in the mouth and facial area, and are caused by the herpes virus. Note that the virus that causes cold sores is different from the

Posted by K (New York, New York) on 12272007 YEA This Works on Contact. Remove the top skin from the cold soreherpes simplex. Ground Aspirin with 2 drops or tea

Natural cures and remedies for various health problems using home remedies, herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes. Alternative health solutions 7192012018332Cold sores also referred to as fever blisters are small and painful fluid-filled blisters and appear on lips, gums, tongue, throat and chin. Watch how you Causes. Cold sores are usually caused by herpes virus, which can lay dormant in the body and becomes active later when something triggers it. Two members of the

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Treating cold sores involves avoiding common triggers, maintaining proper hygiene and applying or taking natural remedies to treat infection. Natural treatment PS. Right now supplies of this herbal herpes cure are available, but once this secret is out, demand could make it hard to find. You need to get it now while it is

Read about home remedies for common cold and common cold treatments. Also read how to cure common cold naturally with proven home remedies 292013018332VISIT: How To Cure Cold Sores On Lips Fast Natural Treatment For Cold Sores (Fever Blisters) If you suffer with cold