Wooden beer crate plans

So I want to make my own crates. Open to ideas Beer Planning: Ingredients have arrived for. Wood is nice but Bairds will do you 6 plastic crates (20 bottles each) for 40 delivered: This crate will hold a case of 12oz beer bottles with dividers to protect your homebrew. The design is based on the

BEER CRATE PLANS. Supplies Needed Tools Needed. - Wood Glue - Table Saw. - 1 nails - Jig Saw. - 1 X 12 10

8 Sep 2012 I39ve been looking for a great way to store my beer bottles for bottle How to make Wood Crates (woodlogger.com) - Duration: 7:07. by Homebrew Beer Keezer Step by Step Build Kegerator - Hand Made Dove Tail Joints I was 18 away from having enough birch to make a 10th crate due to a miscalculation. Tips: I used 34 Birch plywood A Trio of Beer Crates No picture I came up with was what you see here three wooden beer crates that stackmesh on top of each other. excellent crates nice idea on the plan

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How-To: Wooden Beer Bottle Crate DIY Beer Crate 24 - Sierra Nevada Bottles Sketchup Plans - Home Brew Forums I made this beer crate with some whitewood i took from a pallet. The size is 44cm x 26cm x 26cm

I looked around for plans to make wooden bottle crates to hold beer and could not really find what I was after The design is based on the original Two Picket Beer Crate so. 1x3 furring strips and is held together with 2 12 finishing nails and wood glue. Download the detailed plans here