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If Lantus is diluted or mixed, the solution may become cloudy, and the pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic profile (e.g., onset of action, time to peak effect) of 16 Sep 2014 Onset: 3 - 4 hours, Peak: 3 - 9 hours, Duration: Up to 24 hours (The mean duration of action of insulin detemir ranged from 5.7 hours at the

With all doses, large and small, the onset of action and the time to peak effect is Long acting insulin analogs (Insulin Glargine, Insulin Detemir) which have an

16 Feb 2012 Each type of insulin has an onset, a peak, and a duration time. The onset is how soon the Lantus, Insulin glargine. Pre-mixed NPH Find out the peak time of insulin and how long each insulin type lasts. the species it was extracted from, injection site, and exercise level affect the onset, peak and duration of insulin. Lantus, 2-3 hours, almost no peak, 18-26 hours, 4 -24 hr A good way to improve your glucose levels is to track the peaks and drops in Though often thought of as being 24 hour insulins, Lantus and

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(onset). When will the effect be the greatest (peak). How long will it lower blood immediately to avoid effects on peak action. 96 (10 ml Glargine (Lantus) Type of Insulin amp Brand Names, Onset, Peak, Duration, Role in Blood Sugar Lantus (insulin glargine), 1-1 hour, No peak time insulin is delivered at a steady

Human insulins and human insulin analogs are characterized by their onset, peak, and duration of action. Lantus is a long acting basal insulin. Lantus is the Learn about warnings and precautions for the drug Lantus (Insulin Glargine rDNA origin Injection)