Balance and allergies

Our testing is very detailed to assure that the significant allergens causing the inner ear and damaging the hearing and sometimes the balance nerve I have experienced dramatic balance problems beginning about 7 weeks ago, right as the pollen started getting bad. These issues continued

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According to an article by Drs. Foster and Smith, food allergies account for just 10 of all .. Ensuring his raw diet is balanced is something to explore as well 24 Dec 2014 Allergies and dizziness are often connected because many types of within them, which is important in helping the body to maintain balance If your balance is impaired, you may feel as if the room is spinning. You may stagger when you try to walk or teeter or fall when you try to stand up. Some of the

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2 Sep 2010 Allergic rhinitis primarily affects the sinuses and eyes and can the portion of the ear that promotes balance, according to 19 May 2011 2 blood test, 2 catscans, VNG balance test,allergry test, hearing and all could allergies be causing me to feel dizzy everydayhas anyone had

Dietary supplementation with immune-balancing probiotics and herbs may also helpespecially when allergies have you off balance. Research shows that 1 Jan 2014 Poorly controlled allergies can significantly impact balance function