Uptown small area plan

2 Oct 2014 Owners of the Uptown Apple dealer hoped for a housing and retail project that39s consistent with the Uptown Small Area Plan, Zuckman said Street, and 2915 James Ave S., with a combined area of 11,069 sf. The properties are all zoned C- District39 as described in the 39Uptown Small Area Plan.39 Site:

Uptown Small Area Plan. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Approved by the Minneapolis City Council February 1, 2008. Prepared for: The Community Planning and

26 Jun 2013 CPM Development expanding its presence in Uptown, University of He said Uptown39s small area plan provides an excellent framework for The purpose of the Uptown Small Area Plan is to outline a vision for the future of the Uptown area and provide land use policy guidance. This plan was approved 24 Feb 2009 As with Uptown, the Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan process started with a series of community meetings. While the complete report has not yet been

Former independent Apple dealer sells FirstTech properties to

10 Oct 2009 Specifically, the rezoning study is based on the Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan, the Uptown Small Area Plan, the Midtown Greenway Land Use and 8 Jun 2014 The Minneapolis City Council adopted the Uptown Small Area Plan on February 1, 2008. This site is located in what the plan designates as the

Located along the beautiful Minneapolis Greenway, the Elan Uptown based on the Vision and Principles as articulated in the Uptown Small Area Plan and is Holland Neighborhood Small Area PlanDubuque Millwork District Master Plan Uptown Small Area PlanUniversity District AllianceStoughton Road Revitalization