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She should definetly taper off of celexa over a two week period, and her symptoms are very likely because of getting off too soon. Most doctors start ltspan style I just started on lamictal . I am on a small dose but I also am very petitie. I also take wellbutrin xl 150 1x day. I am very worried about gaining weight on this

Most ADs cause weight gain. ltspan style background-color: dae8f4gtwellbutrinltspangt usually does not. But, ltspan style background-color: dae8f4gtwellbutrin

This patient support community is for discussions relating to weight loss alternatives, programs, and dietary supplements I have already treated a couple of patients with a combination of Naltrexone and Bupropion (Wellbutrin) for weight loss, and the results have been quite impressive How Does Wellbutrin Make You Lose Weight. Wellbutrin is a prescription medicine used to treat depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is when

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I am taking Wellbutrin and i wanted to know if it causes weight loss or gain. Also will it interact with my Lipoamp B12 shots please respond Ive lost all of my weight since starting Wellbutrin. It really killed myu appetite from the very beginning, and even now I rarely get actual feelings of hunger (Ive

i have taken welbutrin XL (300 mg) for 4 months and i noticed a rapid weight loss and a marked decrease in my appetite but i think it also goes back to my depression How to Lose Weight While on Celexa. Celexa is the brand name for citalopram hydrobromide, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (or SSRI) drug used for the