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Left untreated, most cold sores last five to 10 days, but you can find relief for symptomsand in some cases speed up healingwith over-the-counter remedies 2 May 2014 Medications for the treatment of cold sores do not cure or rid the body of the virus. Antivirals work best if started before the sores breaks out

2 May 2013 These antiviral medications will slow the spread of cold sores and fight off . ( http:the-natural-way.infoBest-Treatment-For-Herpes.php )

Cold sore creams are widely available over the counter from pharmacies without a prescription. They are only effective if you apply them as soon as the first 12 Mar 2014 These products are applied to cold sores up to 6 times a day for best Cold sores usually heal on their own without prescription medicines or 7 May 2014 There are several medications to reduce the duration or symptoms of cold sores. Some are available without a prescription (over the counter),

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Get rapid relief from the discomfort and pain of unsightly cold sores with OTC cold sore medication. It39s best to have these over-the-counter medications on hand 12 Mar 2014 Most cold sores heal on their own. Learn how to manage your symptoms at home

17 Apr 2014 Learn more from WebMD about the treatment of cold sores and how to minimize recurrences. Abreva is an over-the-counter topical remedy used to help speed healing and Which Drugstore Tooth Whiteners Work Best Abreva is the only FDA approved cold sore treatment that heals fast. Fight against cold sores with Abreva patches or cream and land a knock-out blow. non-prescription. FDA-approved cold sore medicine that speeds healing