Cancer frequency treatment

6 Aug 2013 Rife did some intensive research on cancer causes and found some and his famous cancer treatments of the early 193039s..there is no Evaluation of DC Current Therapy in Mammary Cancer Tumor MARCOS . Compassionate treatment with tumor-specific frequencies was offered to 28 patients

31 Mar 2014 Radiofrequency ablation can be used to treat early stage lung cancer in people who are not well enough to have an operation to remove the

Other common name(s): BioResonance Tumor Therapy, Cell Comm System, Rife Also called frequency therapy, frequency generator, and Rife frequency 26 Sep 2013 This page is about cancer treatment using radiofrequency ablation (RFA) 14 Apr 2009 Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel

Is there someone who has experience in using the Rife frequency

Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has been recognized as one of the top Cancer hospitals A minimally invasive treatment called radiofrequency ablation (RFA), one of Back to top. RFA can be used as a treatment for both primary and secondary liver cancer

10 Nov 2014 Alternative Cancer Treatments: This article is on one of the most potent of all alternative cancer treatments, the Frequency Protocol or Rife Rife Frequency Generators may be an effective method of killing cancer cells in the human body without damaging normal cells, but more research is needed to