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Slip-Ups. Lots of people slip up when they39re trying to quit smoking: it happens. But it doesn39t mean you have to stop trying to quit entirely. Get up, brush yourself Apr 26, 2012 slips, relapse, craving, quit smoking, stop smoking. or that anything short of NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) implies permission to light up at will

When you39re quitting smoking, it39s natural to experience a slip from time to time. Most slips give up. Slips are a chance to learn, not to give up keep trying

When you quit smoking, it can be discouraging to slip up and smoke a cigarette or two. Having even one cigarette puts you at risk for smoking again. But don39t let Aug 15, 2013 Most slips and relapses happen during the first week after a person quits smoking. Avoiding a slip-up is best. But if you do slip, it39s important to Most slips occur within the first week of quitting smoking. If you slip Make sure that you don39t give up completely on your efforts to quit

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Jun 1, 2011 Even when you slip up and light up, you have a choice: You can use the relapse as an excuse to continue smoking, or you can try to figure out If you have had a smoking slip-up, it does not mean you39ve failed. Read these useful questions and get back on track with your quit smoking plan. More quit tips

Don39t be discouraged if you slip up and smoke one or two cigarettes. One cigarette When people slip up it39s usually within the first three months after quitting A slip-up is a puff of a cigarette, or a cigarette or two, in the middle of your quit attempt. You haven39t relapsed to your old smoking rate but there39s a real risk that