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1 Nov 2013 Costus Igneus - Insulin Plant - Spiral Flag Family - Costaceae In India Costus Igneus is also called Insulin Plant . It is treated in Ayurveda as a medicines, several herbs have been known to cure and control diabetes the world for a long time to treat diabetes this is because such herbal plants have

16 May 2013 The Indian traditional system of medicine is replete with the use of plants for the management of diabetic conditions. According to the World

TRADITIONAL ANTIDIABETIC PLANTS. More than 400 different plants and plant extracts have been described as reputedly beneficial for the diabetic patient Insulin Plant for Diabetes, New Delhi, India. 269 likes 7 talking about this. Health MedicalPharmacy diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago. D. Mahabir1 and M. C. Gulliford 2. Use of herbal remedies from medicinal plants (bush medicines) was studied in 622 people

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24 Jun 2013 We conducted an ethnobotanical survey to identify the traditional medicinal plants being used to treat diabetes in Bangladesh and to critically By Polyxeni (Xenia) Alexiou. Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder that affects between 6 to 20 of the population in Western industrialized

Many plants have been used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in Indian system of medicine and in other ancient systems of the world. Out of these only a few Natural remedies with food and plants, 9 herbs to treat and prevent diabetes