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Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). genders, blisters may be on the tongue, mouth, eyes, gums, lips, fingers, and other parts of the body Genital herpes is usually a sexually transmitted infection. Many people Herpes simplex infection can also affect other areas of the body. For example, a herpes

genitals, or anus. The place where the sores appear is the original site where the virus entered your body. Genital herpes can be spread through direct contact

Transmission. If you have genital herpes infection, you can easily pass or transmit the virus to an uninfected partner during sex Dec 23, 2014 Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the Although the infection can stay in the body forever, the outbreaks tend to Nov 13, 2008 Thank you. Tags: Herpes, genital and oral herpes Its very hard to spread it to other places on your body once you have antibodies. Lots of

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If you have genital herpes or orofacial herpes, you cannot transmit the A person with genital herpes can also spread the infection to other parts of his or her body by direct contact (i.e., by touching the sores and then touching other

Jul 1, 2014 Genital Herpes Fact Sheet from CDC. How is genital herpes spread have flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, or swollen glands The blisters can be found on the genitals, buttocks, or thighs. However, they can also spread to other parts of the body (such as, the mouth, face, or eyes). Genital