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Sep 20, 2008 The McCain health care plan represents a philosophical advance over In brief, McCain39s proposal would dramatically change how many When I first went to John McCain39s health care plan on his website, it looks nice and neat with three bulleted plan goals. But then, when I clicked on the button

Apr 29, 2008 The last of the three remaining Presidential candidates to unveil a detailed health proposal, McCain39s is also the least radical. He is against

According to McCain39s senior economic policy adviser, McCain39s health care plan won39t destroy the employer-based insurance system because the plan doesn39t Sep 8, 2008 Comparing Barack Obama39s Health care plan to John McCain39s A Detailed Analysis of Senator John McCain39s Health Care Reform Plan Oct 14, 2008 John McCain39s health care plan, while the McCain-Palin campaign is countering with a radio ad of its own. Together they give a distorted and

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Oct 21, 2008 Health care plans: Obama vs. McCain work for companies that would likely drop coverage under McCain39s plan, the Lewin Group says Oct 1, 2008 With the 2008 presidential election just weeks away, health care reform is Under McCain39s proposal, these contributions would be subject to

Apr 30, 2008 UPDATE: For a short and easy to understand description of the problems with McCain39s health care plan, I recommend you read this column by Oct 15, 2008 McCain39s Guaranteed Access Plan would provide federal assistance to the states to secure access to health insurance coverage through state