Graviola to fight colorectal cancer

Soursop fruit extract is claimed to slow the spread of cancer or make traditional cancer therapies work better. With no studies done in humans, experts warn against The whole herb has healing power, including its root and the fruit. In ancient times people used soursop leaves to prepare tea, which was used in treating liver

This tells about the graviola or soursop herb and its ability to fight cancer. A drug company did a lot of research on this herb or botanical. Also called guanabana

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Experts caution against soursop fruit to fight cancer

Fight against cancer, 10.000 x more stronger than chemotheraphy (by Danial) Who Is Fight Colorectal Cancer Fight Colorectal Cancer is a leading colorectal cancer nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. Through patient education, advocacy

Cancer cure : soursop. Soursop can cure cancer. Another name is graviola. Make tea from the leaves. Can cure many illnesses, including insomnia, cough and migraine Leaves and soursop pulp It is a plant that grows in tropical areas in Central America and South America, especially in the Amazon. It is also known as soursop