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The general answer is no. But you should always drink plenty of water. Here are more helpful guidelines to get you through the test without your morning cup of Cholesterol test Overview covers how to interpret the results of this common You can drink water in the time leading up to the test, but avoid coffee, tea and

You must fast for 9-12 hours before the test, and only water should be drunk during the fast, as even tea or coffee can affect results. A tourniquet is applied to

16 Aug 2013 Sticking to water and black coffee before your cholesterol test gives your doctor the most accurate look at how your body functions. If your levels 21 Oct 2013 You may think that a water-brewed drink such as black coffee won39t upset your fast, Can You Drink Black Coffee Before a Cholesterol Test You can eat and drink as normal before some blood tests. anything and only drink water for 10 to 12 hours before having blood cholesterol tests (lipid profile)

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26 Apr 2010 I drank black coffee before a cholesterol test. Will it affect the results Can I have any liquids besides water before this test Vicki, Michigan 27 May 2014 A blood cholesterol test is important in detecting high cholesterol levels. Senior man sitting on armchair drinking glass of water - Digital However, coffee, tea or colas may interfere with the test and should be avoided

13 Nov 2012 People are typically told to have no food or liquids other than water for nine to 12 hours before cholesterol screening for some lab tests because certain test values change following the digestion cholesterol) are common examples. If you are Do not eat or drink anything ( except water) during the eight coffee, diet soda or other beverage. Do not smoke