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13 May 2013 When Annabel started blogging 3 years ago, she did it to chronicle her weight loss. But as the pounds came off and her life started to change, 7 Nov 2014 It39s almost like I knew It was almost time for me to fall off a cliff. Work stress is crazy. Single mom stress is crazy. And the holidays are coming,

Roni started this blog in 3905 to journal her weight loss. 70lbs later, she39s committed to living a the travel blog has a new entry. 2014 SkinnyMinnyMedia LLC

Join me on my journey of losing weight and why it sux to be fat Blogging isn39t just an easy way to share your thoughts with others. It39s also an effective way to reach your weight-loss goals. Here are five ways blogging can 6 May 2014 But weight loss can be a lonely and confusing adventure. Take a look at the best weight loss blogs of 2014 for inspiration and valuable

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21 Mar 2014 The best blogs not only entertain and educate, they also inspire. And weight-loss bloggers who detail their journeys, intimately revealing the If you39re trying to lose weight, health experts recommend writing down what you eat. Why Because it works A Kaiser Permanente study found that those who

Best Blogs for Weight Loss. 10 Weight Loss Bloggers You Should Follow. These web-savvy women share every bite, weigh-in, workout, and body image issue When I was younger, I39d managed to maintain my weight of 130 pounds by being . I also write a weekly column for the weight loss blog on, so be