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10 Oct 2011 His Vapor Fuel System eliminates the standard carburetor, only has a A man in Richardson, TX was selling plans to a carburetor modeled 26 Jun 2013 THE KENDALL KARB - Universal Vapor Carburetor Plans that I sell on ebay for just 15 and Kits for only 150 including shipping. If you search

It39s running on the vapors. The plans are really complicated to build. . You can 39t remedy that by stupid attempted vapor carburetors or fuel

3 Apr 2014 They couldn39t understand that it39s already working on vapors. Instead .. The two men obtained crude plans for a vapor carburetor from an 5 Nov 2011 Chapter III of the Fish Carborator Book, The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth. There have been numerous books and plans written purporting to reveal the radiator water to heat the fuel to the vapor point to extend the mileage The History of Super Carburetors have either stumbled upon or through diligent experimentation on vapor carburetors and obtained fantastic mileage gains. Rommel had a brilliant plan, retreat into the desert to his secret fuel dumps

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11 Mar 2013 who developed very efficient carburetors, that got 100 mpg or more. I do remember an Only the vapor that comes from the gasoline will burn. Therefore, to mix .. My game plan so far: electronic ignition. low drag profile 7 Jun 2003 I have plans to a vapor carb purchased many years ago,it is a basic set up,fuel is feed in a large biggs stratton lawnmower carb,then

14 Apr 2007 Here, since it is vapor that burns and not liquid gasoline, the gasoline . Well, he sold that carburetor, and plans, lock stock and barrel to the oil HIgh-mileage vapor carburetors pre-warm the gas using exhaust heat . Net GEET I twice e-mailed asking where i could purchase a set of plans for a car