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Each of these 10 expert-developed, media-rich lesson plans provides ideas for teaching students in grades 4-8 about Islamic holidays, traditions, and cultures Islam Web Sites Lesson Plans, Activities, and more. Islam Web Sites. Muslims This recent PBS addition examines Islam through stories of diverse Muslims

Students will be able to identify important figures and events in early Islamic history recognize ways works of art reflect and support religious beliefs and

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Islamic beliefs middot Islamic Festivals PBS: Islam (lesson plans) European Crusaders vs. the Muslim World The Islam Project: Lesson Plans. This page is dedicated to our newest video project, American Muslim Teens Talk. It offers ordering information, lesson plans, Objectives. Students will. brainstorm what they know about Islam research how Islam affects the cultures in which it is practiced and discuss how to promote

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We hope to provide you with a collection of Islamic and Secular Lesson Plans Unit Studies to help make your homeschooling experience a little easier insha39 8 Nov 2013 I recently used this lesson plan with my students in 10th grade World History, and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed all the primary sources and

The submitter of our highlighted lesson received a 50 honorarium. See our guidelines to submit your lesson plan Making Sense of Islam. Subjects: Literature Here you will find an extensive list of the best Islamic Learning Resources available on the web today, including links to Islamic lesson plans, Islamic Stories,