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Dear All, Why McCaffe keeps reporting Generic PUP.y every minute If it should be removed, wht McAfee is not removing it once and for all McAfee discovers a program called generic pup.x, which it cannot completely remove. I don39t know if this is a malicious fileprogram or not, but I

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14 Jun 2014 If you getting notifications from your AV about Generic PUP.y and you can39t properly remove it, please follow the steps in the removal guide How To Remove Generic.PUP Trojan from you computer. Tips and Tricks 9 Jul 2014 MSE detects RDNGeneric PUP.x virus in your system But when MSE tries to remove it, it does not seem to be removed successfully Besides

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1 day ago Detection : RDNGeneric PUP.xcnk. Analysed on VirusTotal : 2014-09-28 15:17: 08. Size : 289800 bytes. File Type : applicationx-dosexec Wenn Sie vermuten, Sie haben einen Virus (oder jede andere Malware), sollten Sie sofort Schritte zu nehmen.Diese Seite enthlt kostenlose Anleitung zum

6 Jul 2014 Generic PUP.y is classified as potential unwanted programs which can enter into the target PC via various ways. Usually, Generic PUP.y gets 8 Jul 2014 Find on way to get rid of Generic PUP.y virus Don39t know how this risky virus comes inside silently This removal guide helps you locate all its