Menses while on birth control pills

Feb 6, 2009 In a way, your period is the body39s way of cleaning house to get ready for the next possible pregnancy. The hormones in birth control pills If you want to start taking the pill after pregnancy or while breast-feeding, talk with nursing, but there is a recommended waiting period for combination pills

There are birth control pill regimens designed to prevent bleeding for three months at a time or for as long as a year. But it39s possible to prevent your period with

Jul 25, 2013 There are many different kinds of birth control pills (there are At times, you may not get your menstrual period while using birth control pills When your menstrual flow is lighter or heavier than what is normal for you. Medicines, such as birth control pills, sometimes cause abnormal vaginal bleeding WebMD talks about how to stop your period with continuous birth control and whether that women on birth control pills aren39t having normal menstrual periods

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If you take birth control pills, you may not need to have a monthly period. Find out how to use the pill to have more control over your cycle. By Mayo Clinic Staff Traditional birth control pills follow a normal menstrual cycle. You take active pills for 23 days each month, and then take a placebo for five days, during which

Let39s face it, many women dread getting their monthly period. So take a minute to imagine this: What if you could take a birth control pill that reduced your periods The pill is also widely used to regulate menstrual periods, reduce menstrual cramps, The risks of using birth control pills are low, when compared to the risks of