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Education and Social Change The following are curricula, lesson plans, and other tools you can use in the classroom to teach students about social change Sociology - Social Change and Population Lesson Plans, Powerpoints, Games Social Change amp Population Causes and Consequences of Social Change

I. Learning Objective(s). Identifying major technological changes and their influence on society. II. Rationale for Objectives. Shows how everyday behavior is

Consider the effectiveness of music to communicate ideas. to educate, inspire, represent people, influence and change society, and provide social commentary. This lesson challenges students to analyze and reflect on the messages and Forces of Social Change Part Two, Lesson Plan. 7. Generation X. Unit 3, Identifying Prejudice and Discrimination. Analyzing Hate Crimes, Teacher Handouts: 1 The Free Child Project -- an organization dedicated to making social change action, education, and resources more accessible for young people around the

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Once students39 ideas are shaped, they develop a campaign idea, and then create a name, logo, slogan and mission statement for their project. It works well to (45), based on 3 reviews Posted in Action and ChangeLesson Plans and Activities component to the academic growth and social development of every child

Title - Social Change By - Bryan Mallette Subject - Social Studies Grade Level - 10-12 LESSON PLAN Name: Bryan Mallette Unit Topic: Sociology Grade: In this lesson, students will explore civil disobedience as a tool for social change, focusing specifically on Homer Plessy39s 1892 refusal to leave a whites only