Horses antibiotics causes foul smelling manure

3 Feb 2012 Veterinarians still are not sure what exactly causes the condition. (eating manure), which is common in newborn foals, is the cause, but run a fever and experience profuse, often foul-smelling diarrhea. Because treatment with antibiotics can cause much more harm than good, consult a veterinarian 1 Mar 2013 This will help you rapidly recognize when something unusual is afoot. fairly uniform color, little odor (compared to carnivores such as cats or dogs), and Sometimes, however, a horse39s manure does appear drier than usual. Virtually any antibiotic has the potential to cause diarrhea, says Scott Weese

1 Apr 2004 Clostridium difficile, the most common cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, poses Symptoms include loose, watery, and foul-smelling stools that smell like horse manure crampy abdominal pain and in most cases, fever

23 Oct 2013 Antibiotic use can cause loose stools since it kills off both the good If the horse39s manure is liquidy and foul-smelling, there is likely a problem 25 Oct 2012 Manure produced by these horses often has a very foul odor and can look in the treatment of any sick horse, especially if antibiotics are being It smells nothing like horse manure the piles are BIG and semi formed. Any ideas what might be causing the change in smell and texture in response to anything else that affects their environment, like drugs, antibiotics,

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The causes of weight loss in horses are numerous and can involve many body systems. carry the bacteria for prolonged periods and shed it in the manure when stressed. The feces may have a foul odor and contain mucus, shreds of mucous Oral antibiotics may damage the normal population of intestinal bacteria, horse influences the size of the manure balls, but even this is no hard rule. smell foul, and the horse is otherwise acting Antibiotics may cause acute diarrhea

23 Apr 2009 Chronic diarrhea requires special care because it may be caused by and volume Manure that is dark in color, explosive, foul-smelling, bloody, routine, or treatment with certain antibiotics can also cause diarrhea Antibiotics cause a reduction in bacteria that normally reside in the colon. .. That39s a bad choice: Lomotil tends to promote an ileus and to cause retention of toxins in the The colonies have a characteristic smell, similar to horse manure