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The Seminole County Emergency Preparedness site is designed to consolidate emergency management government information and links to other emrgency web sites The disaster reporter feature in the FEMA App (available on Android amp Apple) allows you to take GPS photos in a disaster area and upload them to us

Emergency management consists of five phases: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Prevention . Prevention was recently added to the phases of

Emergency preparedness guidance from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, lists and explains specific threats and response. How to prepare, glossary, feedback During the days when I had time to actively assist in proposal writing, I was often elected to prepare the management plan. During the past 30 years, I have probably A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bush fire. Even if your plan is to leave early, the more you prepare your home, the more likely it will survive a

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This section of the site provides information on how you can plan and prepare to protect your familly, property, and community from natural and manmade disasters Before the Disaster: During the Disaster: After the Disaster Plan an evacuation route and learn safe routes inland Have disaster supplies on hand

Seattle All Hazards Mitigation Plan. This document lays out a plan for strengthening city-owned and operated facilities and infrastructure before the disaster happens 5132013018332Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (RHMP) King County is committed to creating and sustaining communities that are more resilient to disasters. To fulfill