What is role of cancer registrar

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385. The cancer registry is an organization for the systematic collection, stor- age, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data on subjects with cancer

Importance of Cancer Registry. Cancer is a major national burden. Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans. In the year 2000 alone, Historical amp general information on NCRA - the association Discover what a career as a cancer registrar entails. Find pertinent information including cancer registrar job descriptions, where they work, training, education,

Cancer Registrar: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

The presentations are posted below and provide a glimpse into the roles and responsibilities of a cancer registrar, with the goal of inspiring them to take courses history of the profession, its unique role in both hospitals and the North Carolina Central Cancer. Registry (CCR), and its challenges for the future. History and

The role of Cancer Registry is multifaceted. The Cancer Registry is responsible for abstracting all analytical cases. Abstracting is reviewing the patients39 entire Jane Smith learns that she likely has breast cancer. After feeling a lump in her breast during a breast self-exam, Jane goes to her doctor who refers her for