Breast cancer from abortion

The abortionbreast cancer hypothesis posits that having an induced abortion can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. This hypothesis is at odds with In spite of these statistics, many women are being kept in the dark about a preventable risk factor of breast cancer: abortion. Due to the politics surrounding

6 Aug 2014 A friend recently posted on her Facebook profile that she saw the bumper sticker Abortion causes breast cancer, and she wanted to know if

Dr. Joel Brind - President of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute is the leading authority on the AbortionBreast Cancer link. Click here to read Dr. Joel Brind39s Introduction: Research clearly shows abortion (also called induced abortion) does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Since 2003, the National Cancer Undaunted by the absence of compelling evidence associating abortion with a woman39s risk of developing breast cancer, opponents of safe and legal abortion

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22 Sep 2014 Let me repeat that: each and every one of these studies done on the Indian subcontinent suggested a link between abortion and breast cancer 19 Jun 2014 Abortion and breast cancer are both topics that can bring out strong feelings in people. But is there a link between them Find out what the

9 Jan 2014 Anti-choice people are using findings from a new study out of China to jump to the unwarranted conclusion that abortion causes an increased Large collection of material about evidence linking abortion to increased breast cancer risk, including reports claiming cover-ups by expert panels and