Electric blanket cancer

Am J Epidemiol. 1998 Sep 15148(6):556-63. Electric blanket use and breast cancer risk among younger women. Gammon MD(1), Schoenberg JB, Britton JA, 21 Apr 2011 Are electric blankets safe I stopped using them years ago when I heard they cause cancer. Electric Blanket - Masterfile. We see no reason to

Epidemiology. 2003 Sep14(5):514-20. Electric blanket use and breast cancer on Long Island. Kabat GC(1), O39Leary ES, Schoenfeld ER, Greene JM, Grimson R,

Abstract. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) have been hypothesized to increase the risk of breast cancer, and electric blankets represent an important source Nov. 10, 2000 -- Women have nothing to fear from electric blankets, at least when it comes to developing breast cancer. That39s the word from researchers at Yale It39s unclear whether electric blankets can actually cause cancer. The main idea behind the relationship between electric blankets

Electric blanket use and breast cancer risk among younger women

The 5 most frequent safety questions we are asked about heated blankets and lines and some appliances could cause cancer or other problems especially in 24 Feb 2009 Data reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology ii suggests that regular use of an electric blanket may increase breast cancer risk in

Power lines, wiring, and electrical appliances, such as electric shavers, hair dryers, computers, televisions, and electric blankets produce what are called 28 Jan 2014 Does Electric Blanket Use Cause Cancer Electromagnetic fields are produced by power lines and electrical devices, such as electric blankets,