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4 Mar 2014 (handouts and files ready for use with tax year 201339s form 1040EZ) If you want to prepare an individualized W2 form for each of your students, you can use a pair of Microsoft Office files . return to the Lesson Ideas page 18 May 2011 This free lesson by EconEdLink covers Income Tax, Business, Economics, Complete a 1040EZ tax form using information from W-2 form

Permission is granted to reprint or photocopy this lesson in its entirety for .. His completed Form W-2 is below. 1. Retirement plan. Third-party sick pay. Statutory

If desired, use the sample W-2 Form to complete the 1040 tax form. 9. Distribute all student worksheets. Ask and discuss: Knowing what you do now, would you forms. This is a Commerce and Information Technology lesson plan. Using the Internet, students will research, select and print a blank W-2 form to complete 7.1. THEME 2 Lesson 7: Uncle Sam Takes a Bite. 1. Retirement plan. Third- party Form. Dependent care benefits. See instructions for box 12 b c d e f. W-2

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Teacher Lesson PlanWage and Tip Income. Tax Forms are reported on Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. Employees use Form W-2 to complete their TEACHING AND LEARNING THE W-2 - PAYING TAXES MONEY WORKSHEET - IRS W2 LESSON PLAN - EARNING MONEY INCOME TAX FREE LESSONS

11 Apr 2011 Teaching ideas based on New York Times content. is intended for use with Form 1040EZ (PDF), and includes W-2 and 1099-INT forms Overview of Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students learn about how taxes are levied FREE LESSONS - HOW TO READ THE W-2 FORM COPY BLANK SAMPLE